Is it possible to make your own wine at home?

The number of people who consume alcoholic beverages is increasing. Even if it’s not with the intention of getting drunk, some people like to enjoy the drinks. Others use the opportunity to socialize. Among the most common drinks are: beers, vodkas, whiskeys and, of course, good wine .

It is one of the oldest drinks known in human history. This enormous time in history has given it an extremely rich culture, as well as ensuring that wine has been present in practically all the great moments and great civilizations in the history of man.

Even more so now, in winter, interest in wine is usually greater among Brazilians. Because of this, research on consumption and shopping tips increases at this time. In addition, another question that arises for those who enjoy the drink is: is it possible to make your own wine at home?

“It’s possible, but it takes work. And, in general, a homemade wine will be a simpler wine”, pondered Deco Rossi, wine specialist at Winet.

Make at home

In order to produce wine at home, it is, of course, necessary to have a minimum of knowledge and the necessary equipment, such as the maceration container, fermentation tank and bottles for placing the liquid. Furthermore, it is also important to choose a good grape.

With the so-called “table grapes”, of the burgundy or isabel type, it is possible to make a simpler, smoother and sweeter wine. However, as Rossi ponders, these grapes don’t have much sugar for their fermentation. Because of this, it is necessary to add sugar in the preparation.

The Vitis vinifera grapes , which are used for more complex wines, such as cabernet sauvignon, malbec and sirah, have less water and more sugar in their natural composition. This is what helps them to ferment, spontaneously, to give rise to alcohol. “However, sometimes, it is necessary to buy yeast to carry out this fermentation”, emphasizes the specialist.


Compared to craft beer, which became fashionable and a reality a few years ago in Brazil due to the large offer of its ingredients, craft wine is not so popular. Also because it is necessary to take into account the seasonality of Vitis vinifera grapes , which happens once a year.

If you still want to make wine at home, you must pay attention to the environment, which must be sterilized to avoid contamination, and also have sulfite for the conservation of your wine and bottles with stoppers to store the drink.

Finally, Rossi emphasizes that without investing in equipment and in-depth courses, the result that a person will achieve at home will be a simple wine that will be available for any occasion at home.